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Foiled Business Cards

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Foiled Business Cards

Create an unforgettable first impression with our exquisite Foiled Business Cards, setting you apart from competitors in style. In the realm of business, making an impactful initial impression is paramount, and our gold-foiled or silver-foiled business cards guarantee your message resonates loud and clear.

What is foiling?

Foiling involves delicately applying a thin layer of metallic material onto paper surfaces. Our process utilizes gold or silver effect foil, resulting in a stunning, attention-grabbing effect that distinguishes your cards from the rest.

Through our unique digital foil process, we merge colour printing with a crucial soft-touch lamination layer, culminating in the addition of gold or silver foil. This meticulous process ensures a sophisticated finish that captivates.

Kindly note, that while we strive for excellence, intricate designs may have limitations during production. Contact us for expert advice to ensure your design meets the foil application requirements.